The thing about a fatty piece of pork, like a pork belly (the same applies to bacon) is that to get the best results you have to cook it slowly – this makes the fat render and then crisp up.


(See also: Gordon Ramsay’s life-changing julienne technique.)


Instructions for preparing an avocado

Ready To Eat Avocados, Tesco, 2013.

You don’t eat a dog like that all at once


Josh Goodwin explains why the most unlikely of icons has led to him giving the plasticy clump of a shoe a second chance (but you can still forget ‘minimalist trainers’).

Quite noticeably changed in the editing process – mostly for the better, I’m sure, but I don’t know what “torrid-looking” means. Well, such is the plight of the journalist, and now I know how Giles Coren felt. Exactly how he felt.

How to sit

It smells a bit unscientific, but this has improved my life already:

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