Hens kissing

Maybe I’ll do another proper blog post tomorrow. Or maybe not.

Whatever, a picture tells 1,000 words, so you should be congratulating me for producing such a long essay in so little time. Although it’s not remarkable, because if that adage applies to other articles here, it’s a relative dwarf.

Fear not, there are some delightful meaty chunks bubbling away which will be published soon. You may find yourself getting impatient, but if Rome was built in a day, then gorillas lay eggs, and – unless you can show me some proof of gorillas pooing out some squashed spheres – both of those statements are equally untrue, believe it or not. So, if those ancient Italian construction workers took their time, then this writer too should be able to take his time too.

It’ll be worth it, because these are some humdingers that are coming up, believe me. In fact, my promising young protégé Willy Shakespeare will be over soon, to take a look and for me to part with a few tips on sentence structure.

Stay tuned.