Bad analogy number 1

Some say that web design without typography is like an orange without its peel, it just isn’t complete.

Some say that a blog without series (serieses?) is like wire without barbs – it just isn’t complete. So here is the first of what I doubt, but still hope, will be a long-running and successful series. Well, some people do the National Lottery. In fact, I was in a shop this very afternoon, where I bought a new ballpoint pen with a special rubber grip, the woman in front of me was buying a lottery ticket… enough! Why is that analogy, that analogy up there in the blockquote, so very bad?

I say that an orange without its peel would be a marvellous thing. I’m often struggling to open oranges. This morning, in fact, I dug my recently-trimmed fingernails into a blood orange only to have the sticky acidic juices go all over the place. Is Joel Reyes suggesting that typography makes web design spray orange juice all over the place?

I was also devastated to find that that this blog was not listed in that list. Boo. Hiss. Then I realised that, well, that list is a list of blogs about typography. Fantastic ones. I need say no more – already it is acutely apparent why I was not mentioned.

Just in case a similar list turns up in future, I’d like to mention that Tooting Sans is a funny name. Do you think that that will do it?