Things to look at

You know those frightful people who insist on showing off their holiday photographs, making you feel both very bored and slightly jealous? Me neither. But I’m one of them.

I present to you just four of my snaps. There are more, and some of them are decent too, but I am limited by being a little bit anxious about people’s faces appearing here, not wanting to display several photographs of the same thing, my slightly broken SD card, and other things. Four is more than enough – well, it is for the time being, anyhow. It is certainly the case that I’m a bit weird, filling my blog with photographs taken using a sweat-cheap and increasingly-broken Tesco camera.



One jolly evening was spent playing games, eating burnt meat, and singing songs by Robert Allen Zimmerman (Google him – he’s more famous than you think).

Guitarist Dave

I can’t bear dogs. So naturally, there was a dog staying with us. Now I can bear dogs a bit more. This one was a bit mad, and ate plastic. In fact, screw the past tense, I’m sure he still is a bit mad. But probably less mad now – a decline perhaps partially down to our influence.


Relevant stuff that’s coming up: some grainy YouTube cinematography, and some mundane anecdotes. Irrelevant stuff that’s coming up: everything else. Don’t worry, I’ll try to stop this from being too much of a non-stop travelogue. I do do other things. For example… well, I’m not going to tell you, because telling you would ruin the surprise.