On Sunday – the Sunday before the most recent one – we went to a racecourse. There were horses running around with people on them, while other people – mainly posh sorts of ones – stood and watched and got excited. There were some people doing gambling – not to be confused for gambolling, which is not the best word for what the horses were doing.

After a while, the horses stopped and were replaced by some camels. Pretty crazy stuff, right?

I made a video about it:

It is not a particularly good video, but it is all right. It is quite a first – my first Samsung U10 video on YouTube, available in magical high definition. I don’t think QuickTime Pro is supposed to be good at video editing, but it shouldn’t cost £30. There are things that I might have done wrong that probably contributed to the sound and the pictures being out of sync. In some ways the disjointedness is good – it gives the impression of rolling around in a barrel while one’s ears are syringed. An “improved”, smoother version could follow – but only could. You are correct, nobody cares.