Don’t have nightmares

Hello, an ordered list.

  1. Not long ago, I listened to the beginning of The Stuff of Nightmares, the first episode of the Doctor Who audio play Hornets’ Nest. Yes, I know, I am sorry. It’s OK, I have never listened to an audio play like that before, but this one was cunningly downloadable free of charge from inside of the newspaper this week, so go on, sue me.

    Tom Baker, who is not a proper qualified doctor like what Dr Pepper is, and who definitely would have been struck off by now if he was one, eats some breakfast (bacon, marmalade) with his friend, and sets out to explain why he is hypnotising dead owls. He details his meeting with a taxidermist:

    I was drowsy at the time, a factor which may have made me more easily impressed by the astonishing noise. It is now, in the cold moonlight of the day, a bit underwhelming, actually. Oh dear. Still, let me tell you that the taxidermist’s full name is Percy Noggins. Percy Noggins. Ha!

    Yes, I have noticed that there has been a lot of audio here lately, yes. It seems to be that, having found out how to make with the embeddings, I am quite dizzy with power. Expect it to subside immediately.

  2. Here is a letter that somebody wrote to the newspaper, and had printed inside the newspaper yesterday:

    I’ve never seen a letter celebrating the spectacular weirdness of Demetrios Psillos’s illustrations to Lucy Mangan’s columns. The red man wearing toilet seats as armbands a few weeks ago was a personal highlight. I look forward to these images – they make me laugh and give me nightmares.

    Yes, the little red man wearing toilet seats as armbands is terrific, in hindsight. But when I was exposed to it, printed onto actual paper with ink and everything, a few weeks ago, the illustration passed me (and surely others) by. A shame. It is reproduced on the website, of course, but in that setting the “little” word is truer than ever. I do hope that the dimensions of future ones are embiggened for the enjoyment of successive generations, please. Thank you.

    (Mr Vinh had a thing about illustrations on websites on Friday. He is right.)

Good evening.