That new movie-film about the pretend wizard. (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. It is the last one, ever.)

  1. A goblin (whose name must be Griphook) says “prehaps” for “perhaps”. My favourite part of the film.

  2. Accio is pronounced in a surprising way. How is it that I had not noticed this before? Well, it turns out that three different sounds are strewn around the different media. It happens that I leapt to the same conclusion as the US audiobooks (“assio”), although I’ve never listened to one of them. Now I think the canonical articulation must be the that which appears in the films (“ackio”), because it also appears in the videogames and that’s how democracy works. (This is the humblest day of my life.)

    (In what other, non-random ways would the US audiobook be different to the UK one? I don’t remember the “aluminium” word ever appearing. Someone, I expect, must enjoy a hamburger somewhere. Because that there is all of what the United States is.)

  3. Lord Voldemort has no nose. So how does he smell? Terrible.

    (Is he a hereditary peer?)

    (Some newspapers had a thing about a poorly cat that was abandoned because it looked like a bit like Lord Voldemort. In fact, the cat looked like a cat. Well, maybe if you read the books properly, it becomes clear that the real Lord Voldemort should look like a cat after all, and that Ralph Fiennes is just inaccurate – as someone who assumed that a house-elf must be the shape of a pillow since its clothes are fashioned from a pillowcase, I wouldn’t know.)

Everyone dies at the end. (Not really.)