Microsoft’s bushel of light

John Gruber pours scorn on Microsoft executive Craig Mundie’s bold assertion that Windows Phone 7 telephones’ voice-controlled natural language interface feature, called TellMe, is just as capable as that of the new Apple telephones.

Clearly, it isn’t, but punters needn’t know that. It’s still impressive – in fact, it is more capable than the legacy functionality of the less new Apple telephones, which are still sold. A person who’s seen neither – that is, the vast majority of people – would be impressed, if they knew it existed.

Mundie claims that the only difference is “marketing”. In that case, why not do some marketing? Shadoe Huard nails it:

A more insidious conclusion would be that Mundie is a dunce, since he’s completely oblivious to his own admission that Microsoft spends no effort adequately marketing their own products, some of which actually do have compelling features consumers would be interested in knowing existed.