File under ‘everything is a remix’

Not specifically to protest against American handwash, but maybe that as well, I sat hunched over in the dark to do some online piracy last night and I uploaded the result it to YouTube.

Unfortunately, the prickly Gaumont Film Company is in cahoots with YouTube’s smart algorithms. Even though there are hundreds of clips of their content that have already been uploaded as-is, my own painstakingly compiled derivative work set off some alarms.1 So instead I present it here, liberated from the clutches of any corporate silos – entitled “James Moriarty versus Norman Stansfield”:

(You may download the H.264 file or the Ogg file.)

The prior art is LΓ©on: The Professional (Gaumont, 1994) and Sherlock (BBC, 2012). (If the owners ask for it to be removed, then of course I will oblige.)

I know, some of the audio is too quiet and some of the audio is too loud. Goldilocks! And this is the second consecutive thing about that darned TV show – I won’t continue, I promise.

  1. My theory is that the other pirates, in pooing up the aspect ratio as they inevitably do, incidentally outfox the ninja technology. It’s a shame that, as an aspect ratio puritan, I believe that no video at all is better than a painfully distorted one.