Distract 9

This video of this talk from Joe Kraus, “We’re creating a culture of distraction”, may be worth 15 minutes of your time.

Well done to Matt Mullenweg for pointing us towards it. He goes on to point out some further reading there, which I certainly intend to investigate, and so maybe should you.

I shall now distract you by pointing out Ze Frank’s A Show, which is the thing that he is doing; as for him, well, he’s a person that one is expected to have heard of, and it appears deservedly so.

A Show shows every sign of being quite good. After watching the widely publicised first episode whenever it appeared, I began to take his faintly drab blog, expecting that I would henceforth be informed of each show as it came. But no, of course there’s none of that hyperactive self-promotion there, which actually is rather classy once you get used to it. The only result is a large backlog of maybe 20 glistening unwatched turds, which I found there waiting for me, and I find that rather wonderful.