Vince meat

The second half of Robert Peston’s episodic factual money programme appeared on Sunday. There was too much footage of Peston sitting on trains, glaring at screens and papers and stuff, but like any good sausage it also had some meat in it.

This bit struck me on the shoulder:

(From The Party’s Over: How the West Went Bust, BBC Two. If the video refuses to play, try downloading it.)

  1. John Lanchester’s point, again:

    Intuitively, you must think that since we’re having a crisis about debt, [and meanwhile] we’re forcing students to take on debt, a lot of them will then seek ways to immediately pay back the debt by going off and doing the kind of lucrative but not socially useful thing. That must be a quite likely risk.

  2. Vince Cable said the “tax” word. And nothing broke. Amazing.

  3. The man playing Michael Palin really does look like Michael Palin.