Look and listen

The Mike Flowers Pops are a British easy listening band known for lounge music covers of both older and contemporary pop music. The thin layer of hilarity must disintegrate after a while, but it’s being chipped away at with a chisel made of pâté, especially when there’s a video to see as well as the music to hear.

Here is something a bit excellent:

It’s a shame about the anamorphic letterboxing horrors. There are workarounds, but the person who uploaded the video must have better things to do. Boo.

Also good is this. Make good use of the YouTube “Suggestions”, why don’t you?

You can download the album from Amazon.co.uk, whether or not you would like to. I did, and found that it’s a bit less good without the moving pictures, but that’s OK. Venus as a Boy (after Björk) is extraordinary.