I have a feeling that today is a day of some significance. Oh, yes, it is Kevin Keegan’s 60th birthday. Merry happy returns, Kevin Keegan.

Also, my calendar tells me that today is to be devoted to celebrating Colosseum’s adequate progressive jazz-rock album from 1969, Valentyne Suite. I therefore simply must violate the copyright and things by presenting some of it here:

The titular The Valentyne Suite is in three parts (“themes”), and that up there is just the first three and a half minutes of the first (Janaury’s Search). The boxed set has them consolidated into one manageable long track. Oh, it is quite clear that bishop of Interamna died so that future generations could feel pressurised into to buying blood-coloured sugar and potentially tedious instrumental albums. (Do you see what I am doing? I am sticking it to the man, that’s what I am doing.)

I had to settle for a live recording, at the beginning of which the musician – Duncan Bannatyne? – recalls that he wrote the “sleeve notes” (?) while watching Alexander Armstrong go to the moon. The crowd cheers. Obviously, the implication seems to be that the two achievements are up there with each other, yes? Any irony is hard to detect. Well, maybe they were quite good – I haven’t seen them.

Some tulips are variegated, you know, which is pretty but can be a sign of a virus. Good evening.