Sandwich board

I can’t be the first to say that Adam “Sandwich Video” Lisagor makes advertising videos so good, I just wish I had a mostly neat tech product to have him make one about.

The latest is this unofficial one for that warmly regarded “AeroPress” coffee syringe:

It’s of note that, like an animal, his kettle is not electric – rather, it operates by being sat on the stove. Clearly, it’s prettier than a typical electric one, and I don’t object to that superficiality or anything. But it turns out that, there in North America, they aren’t so unusual anyway:

An “average” [electric] kettle in the UK runs at about 2800 W and in the US at about 1500 W; if we assume that both kettles are 100% effi­cient then a UK kettle sup­plying 2800 joules per second will take 127 seconds to boil and a US kettle sup­plying 1500 J/s will take 237 seconds, more than a minute and a half longer. This is such a problem that many house­holds in the US still use an old-fashioned stove-top kettle.

Well, now you know.