Jack Dorsey’s Square dongle

Square may be best known for its dongle, but Dorsey says that’s just the beginning.

An interesting thing with Dorsey in one of the publications, written by Steven Levy, whose name sounds like one of the asinine “turns out” Malcwell Glandstone men, but in fact you’re thinking of someone else. Dorsey is just the person you’d expect to have invented the internet site Twitter, and that’s good because he did. But he’s also doing lots of stuff now. The most prolific man in what some people call “Silicone Valley”, which is a rather charming malopropism because it makes them sound like they just make rubbery sprockets and cookware.

I have recklessly ordered the Wabi-Sabi book, an all retro one “printed” on some of that “paper”, from my favourite free-range artisanal bookseller. Called “Amazon”, which is like an omelette in South America, and also a river and a copse of thickets, so it must be authentic.

No, he seems like a cool guy.