Week notes: week notes

Week notes are a thing I do now. I have enjoyed reading the week notes of a small number of strangers on the internet, mostly published on their own IndieWeb sites, and why shouldn’t I join in?

Last week, the process of reflection made me realise I’d managed to do a pleasing amount of work – a valuable process. This week, I appear to have done less – which is healthy too. I have done some other things.

I took some photographs. They were better than last week’s. Great!

I picked up some rubbish from off of the sides of some roads. Like, I’m fond of saying, a pound shop David Sedaris, or Ian McMillan. Those BBC radio stalwarts use special equipment – “grabbers” – but I’m not that serious yet. I do recommend rubber gloves1, and a basket to which is attached a bicycle, and a plastic bag clipped on with clothes pegs. Sunday was a particular purple patch: the strangest item for a few days (a ¾ full box of croissants) dumped near a ford, and then I finally captured my white whale (a lager tin that had taunted me for weeks, embedded in a hedge) using a large twig.

It reminds me a bit of the postmodern Stone Clearing With Richard Herring, which is not my cultural highlight of the week, but remains a podcast in the list of podcasts I listen to. Gathering litter is only slightly more worthwhile than Herring’s hobby of the ancient art of moving stones from a field to its perimeter. Rampant capitalism and air pollution are more serious than fly-tipped food and drink packaging.

I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’ve been encouraged by the Daily Mail–backed “Great British Spring Clean” campaign, which is at least not as bad as 2016’s “Clean for The Queen” (ugh).

  1. Disappointingly, the Co-op’s fairly traded rubber gloves are much worse than the Marigold brand.