Week notes

The “volume up” button on my information pad stopped working. Given the recklessness of watching TV in the bath, it was bound to happen sooner or later. It died doing what it loved – increasing the volume. In fact, on the final day it started doing so unbidden, so I’m relieved that the eventual failure mode was inertia, not perpetually increasing the volume. Now I can still adjust the volume – by touching the screen – which is a bit “like an animal”, but I can be a grown-up and cope with the inconvenience.

Not much litter around the territory lately. Perhaps it’s hidden by the newly vigorous growth of vegetation, or perhaps it supports the “broken windows theory” – that visible signs of “crime” encourage more crime, and ergo a lack of visible signs of fly-tipping, for example, discourages fly-tipping. Speaking of visible signs, instead I scraped a thick layer of dirt from a road sign, and propped up another that was resting face-down in some grass – perhaps that’s what I do now.

I did some work. Performance enhancements. How satisfying. Datadog fantastically useful.