Week 20

What happened this week?

There were some flies. It turns out there’s a point at which the novelty of squashing big, slow ones wears off and it actually becomes disgusting. Shepherding them out of the window is a better idea. Anyway, now there are fewer flies.

My bicycle toppled over – without me on it, don’t worry. All seemed fine, but then I rode it a short distance until there was a terrible sound and the rear derailleur snapped in half. I managed to source a replacement part, and fit it, all while foolishly eschewing the services of any of the friendly local bike repair shops (making the most of the last few days of an Amazon Prime free trial), which feels disloyal but now I’ve learnt a new skill.

The snapping-in-half debacle sapped my confidence a bit, but I recovered it enough to ride a good distance and see an obelisk.

I did some work. Now enthusiastic fellows can update details of vehicles – colours etc – in an example of what is called “crowdsourcing”. In true agile, “minimum viable product” fashion, I started by making a simple form that would send me an email from which I’d copy and paste information, but this was used so enthusiastically that I was quickly inundated with emails, so now it just plops something into a database. Still, I have some involvement in the process – I have to sort of “approve” each “edit” – and it’s a bit overwhelming, especially as I’m supposed to be about to go off on my holidays, but the main thing to say is I’m delighted by all the enthusiasm.

Now I’m off on my holidays. Good week.