Week 23

What happened this week?

I enjoyed the BBC plastic window based comedy drama White Gold – enough to pay money to watch the second series, as only the first was on the internet site Netflix. And now again I’m a bit bereft, like there’s nothing else to watch.

I had some more bits of bicycle replaced – by professionals, for a change. What need is there for Strava and all of that quantified self stuff, when you can just look at how knackered a chain and other metal things are? (They were very knackered.) Well, actually, it’s slightly useful to know how many miles the cheap components have lasted.

By riding a spare bicycle a bit too slowly, I missed a bus, which meant I missed a rare open top bus ride opportunity. Cool story.

I did some work. Made everything use Python 3.7 – it turns out to be available from the ordinary Ubuntu 18.04 LTS package repositories now – which made stuff a bit faster and cheaper. But what everyone noticed was a couple of days of embarrassing slowness and brokenness, caused by my fiddling about with some database indexes – not very professional. Well, now everything is back to normal, except that I’m paying Digital Ocean more money. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―