Week 25

What happened this week?

I did some work. There was a bit more performance crapness. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the website or the internet connection is at fault – BT Openreach engineers are a near-constant presence here at the moment, spraypainting interrobangs on the road and sitting on their little fold-up stools, and can they be trusted not to break things?

Jeremy Clarkshole’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire continues to be strangely compelling. It’s a shame the obsolescence of cheques means he never gets to say “but we don’t want to give you that!”, and it’s disappointing that none of the contestants seem to have accidentally called him Chris, but

I broke another pair of wired in-ear headphones. Meanwhile, I have an odd number of the plutocrats’ favourite wireless AirPods, and I’m struggling to tell whether both left ones are slightly quiet, or one of my ears is waxier. It’s disgusting what audiophiles do to audio.