Week 28

1 Second Everyday is a nice thing. You record one second of video every day – to be precise, usually a longer length, which you then trim to a second – and stitch the everyday seconds together to make a video. I feel like the egg, bacon, chips and beans dude is to blame for my finding out about it, several years ago – aren’t blogs great?

I’m sure I’ve posted these videos here before. The app allows up to two “seconds” per day, each second being up to three seconds long, which must have traditionalists spinning in their graves, but still there are days (like Friday) when you’ll point a camera at some cows, a tractor and some dramatic weather (I’m effectively a small child) all in one day, and how are you supposed to choose just two of those?

“Aren’t blogs great?” reminds me: NetNewsWire 5 is good for reading RSS feeds on Apple Macintoshes – so good that I’ve abandoned NewsBlur in favour of Feedbin (which for the time being is the only supported sync service). I unsubscribed from a few feeds when I made the switch (not sure I should be encouraging this trend), and wasted whole minutes of my life by not realising how much much easier it is to unsubscribe via NetNewsWire (just select the feed(s) that no longer spark joy and press the backspace key) than using the Feedbin web interface (which is a lovely web interface, but still a web interface).

But what happened this week? It was a gusty and wet, such that an an electrical cable became detached from our roof – miraculously, the electricity continued to flow – and some men from the distribution network operator (truly the fifth emergency service) used a series of increasingly big machines (eventually a Unimog) to effect a repair. The weather-enforced indoorsness didn’t make me more productive, but that’s OK – what am I going to do, fire me?