Week 34

What happened this week?

Barefooted, I started to step on a MagSafe connector, which is not as bad as a Lego brick or a three-pin plug but still not very nice to step on, so I sacrificially fell over, arse about tit (“fell down”, “ate shit” for North American readers) to avoid hurting my foot. I was quite sweaty for a bit – an adrenaline rush – who needs skydiving? – and now I have a bruised knee like some kind of small child.

I also have a bit of a cold. Woe unto me.

I did some work. Made some graphs using D3.js, which passed the time, before deciding that I didn’t need the graphs, but maybe the real graphs were the friends we made along the way.

The general election campaign is happening. Hoping to find out about the local candidates, I found myself looking at a local newspaper website, where mainly I learned that Phil off EastEnders (Steve off Coldwar Steve) had been to a local seaside chip shop, and was reminded about the trope of seemingly deliberately vague headlines, e.g. “Bin bags of cannabis fly-tipped in village” – of course you click to find out which village it is, and are disappointed when it’s one in a faraway part of the region, but I suppose it all helps to add pence to the advertising revenue and delay the struggling media organisations’ descent into financial ruin. Never mind – one of the candidates got cancelled for something terrible he said in the past, which made the national news.

Next week, I’d like to make more things happen to me.