Week 38

What happened this week?

Some work. Needing a break from other kinds of work, I did some of my tax return, which was just the break I needed.

Retrospective review of the year (and decade) type things have started to appear, which makes me angrier than the Hulk as there’s still most of this month left. Still, I found my Spotify “Decade Wrapped” mildly diverting, and Kicks Condor’s list of hyperlinks of the decade, and the latest 52 things Tom Whitwell has learned (in fewer than 52 weeks).

A spontaneous trip to our nation’s capital, where I saw some sort of intergalactic jazz.

In the process of trying to obtain some disposable cutlery with which to eat a cupful of hot gravy, mashed potatoes and sausages, I bought a sachet of descaler, with which I later descaled the kettle. And now the inside of the kettle is wonderfully shiny – highly recommended.

One of my cultural highlights of the week was Limmy pointing out the strange on-stage antics of Samuel T. Herring of Future Islands. Actually, the whole band look preternaturally unstylish, which is rather admirable.