The Zebra Sarasa Clip

Or: you got a pen, pal?

As previously discussed, the Zebra Sarasa is a fine pen, but I lamented its being just the plain “Zebra Sarasa”, and not the “Zebra Sarasa Clip” – the latter being an importantly different pen, whose important differences had been highlighted in people’s recommendations.

Here is the author of No Pen Intended website:

This pen has two big draws for me, the first being a dead giveaway in the name – the clip.

I normally don’t use pen clips because I’m afraid I’ll break them. They always seem so fragile and plasticky. The exception to this is clips with hinges, like the Push Clip here – these pens are made for clipping. And that, my friend, is just what I do with them. I clip them on my books, my fingers, my face, my wallet, whatever. I’m sure I’ll eventually break one of these clips trying to push the boundaries of just what I can and can’t clip these pens onto, but the pen will still be useful, and if I really want the clip it’s not much coin off my purse to get another one.