Is a robot DJ working for Morrisons the person with the best music taste in the country?

The beleaguered supermarket Morrisons has attracted attention – well, my attention – by actually playing bearable music in its shops.1 It’s not even just Van Morrison, Morrissey, and, uh, Maurice Gibb.

I don’t know why this re-occurred to be the other day, but it did. I remember one particular occasion when I even used my mobile telephone to, well, I believe the verb is “to Shazam”.

It was in the Acomb branch, I remember. My Google Play Sound Search history suggests that it was A Long Time by Mayer Hawthorne, and it was in June 2015. I can’t find a record of a card transaction in my bank account, but it’s a safe bet that I bought some potato fardels.

Cool story, bro.

Well, serendipitiously, the Co-op’s must-read newsletter just linked to this, from 2015, by Ava Szajna-Hopgood at Gizmodo UK: The Person With the Best Music Taste in the Country is a Robot DJ Working for Morrisons. So now we know.

  1. I should also single out Norwich Bus Station for praise in this regard. Well done, Norwich Bus Station.