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Months ago, probably last year, someone from the water company left a note to say they’d “exchanged” the water meter, like I was meant to know what that means. It turned out they’d installed a smart meter, which unlike a smart electricity meter doesn’t come with an “in-home display” (IHD) but does automagically transmit regular meter readings to the water company (which is especially helpful cos the meters here are all locked away in a mysterious central location we don’t have access to).

This week, for some reason, I became interested in (it would be wrong to say “obsessed by”) looking at the water company’s app, which is excessively theatrically secure (cos we wouldn’t want a criminal to steal my phone and sneer at how much water I use or pay my bill for me), and which, in the absence of an IHD can, after a fashion, show an hourly water usage graph (delayed by a day or two).

Alarmed by the allegation that I use “more water than other similar homes”, I’ve been consciously using less water. Like, turning off the shower during the soap-and-shampoo application phase – yes, it’s a bit hard to turn the poorly designed tap with a soapy hand, but we don’t do these things cos they’re easy. It won’t save much money, cos most of the bill is a standing charge, but it’s a fun game, and a reason to feel smug about having a slightly smaller environmental footprint. One day, get this, I used just 45 litres of water.

I had some arancini for, I think, the first time (!). Of course I’d seen Inspector Montalbano eating some before, and thought those orange balls look intriguing, and sure enough they are very tasty.

Some work.

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